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Useful Phrases

The following phrases may be helpful in a restaurant:

English Italian Pronunciation
the check, please. il conto, per favore eel kon-toh pair fah-vor-eh
I am vegetarian Sono vegetariano soh-noh veh-jeh-tar ee-ah-noh
vegetables i legumi ee leh-goo-mee
dessert il dolce eel doll-cheh
wine list la lista dei vini lah lee-stah day vee-nee
knife il coltello eel kol-tell-oh
fork la forchetta lah for-ket-tah
spoon il cucchiaio eel koo-kee-eye-oh
baked al forno al for-noh
beef il manzo eel man-tsoh
beer la birra lah beer-rah
bread il pane eel pah-neh
cheese il formaggio eel for-mad-joh
chicken il pollo eel poll-oh
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