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It is important to know that smoking is an Italian past-time. If you enter a bar be prepared to be engulfed in a cloud of smoke. If you are a nonsmoker it might be more palatable to take a table outside. Although many cities have instated a law that revokes smoking inside. You are only allowed to smoke inside if the restaurants is properly ventilated, but many establishments cannot afford to do this. So, you'll see a lot of italians floating around the doors of bars and restaurants.

Italians smoke everywhere. In bars, restaurants, and on the street. The only place where smoking is not permitted is on public transportation.

Another option is a quaint number non-smoking establishments in which the proprietor is trying to appeal to the western civilization of non-smokers. If you enjoy a cigarette, Italy just might be the place for you.

If you have read the section on people, you may now want to learn some of the language.


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